An Old-New Tradition

Years ago families would gather in the back yard or on the lake for a cookout. The only way your friends or co-workers would know about your drunk uncle’s fiasco was if you shared a photo or was brave enough to tell your friends the next day. Nowadays, thanks to Facebook, things happen a bit faster and reach much farther.


When people come to my showroom asking for suggestions for window coverings I say“roller shades” and they all give me that look! “I don’t want what my grandmother had 30 years ago.”

Let me tell you something – roller shades are hot these days. Contrary to what Gramma had in the past, you will be amazed with the options available today:

FABRICS:  there are hundreds of fabrics, colors and textures to choose from.

CONTROLS: from cordless, to continuous cord loop – for a better adjustment – to even remote control lift system.

BIG SPANS: some fabrics can cover very large widths. In Boston last month I installed a job where we covered four windows using a single shade.

LIGHT CONTROL: from solar (mesh look), to translucent and even blackout transparency to give you the desired amount of natural light

TOP: from a bare roller to a modern cassette look – even a soft valance are options to show off your personal style.

As you can see roller shades are a long time American Tradition that has evolved over the years. Now in case you are embarrassed to admit you still have shades from Gramma’s  50th birthday, give me a call at 508-520-6700 and I will help you change all that.

To see photos click here and select the folder Roller Shades 

In case you are afraid that I will publish photos of your current shades on Facebook, not to worry. I am in the shady business – we don’t disclose our customers information that way.

And if you love your friend but hate her shades and want to preserve the friendship, just send me her information via email and I will keep your name anonymous.

Have a great and safe 4th July!