Getting the Confusion Confused

If you live in the Northeast part of the country I am pretty sure you are ready for some warmer weather. We simply had a longer than normal winter with temperatures way beyond “acceptable”. Some days were so cold that I was confused….was I indeed in Boston or Siberia?

Finally last week brought us the official start to “spring”. However it was quite the opposite. I had to wear a heavy jacket and winter hat as the temperature was in the mid 30’s – confusing, I know.

So when we talk about spring finally arriving, and the home projects that follow suit, one of the biggest decisions can be the investment in new window coverings.

The general population can get confused with all the window lingo – especially the difference between blinds and shades when they are shopping for new window treatments. In simple English, here’s an explanation of the two categories:


* They have slats – so you can direct the sun/light as you turn them up or down.
* Generally blinds don’t offer a top down – bottom up feature.
* In most cases blinds are more affordable compared to shades.
* You can see the other side “thought” the slats.
* They will have a bigger “stack” (stack is the amount of space taken up when the blind is in the up position)
* Good for privacy and light control, but not ideal when you need full blackout for rooms such as bedrooms.
* Some blind examples: wood blinds, aluminum blinds, and vertical blinds

Wood blind

wood blinds allow to direct the sun light


* They are “one piece of material” and won’t let you direct the sun/light
* Most shades will offer a top down-bottom up option.
* Shades tend to cost a bit more than blinds.
* In order to see “the other side” you must raise the shade (or lower it if the shade has top down feature)
* Usually they offer a smaller / tighter stack when they are retracted.
* Great for privacy and blackout rooms
* Some shade examples: roman shades, roller shades, woven shades, and cellular shades

Cellular shades with top down bottom up feature
cellular shades with top down bottom up feature

If you are still confused about your options, give me a call at 508-520-6700. If calling our office is too confusing for you, just shoot me an

I will be here waiting for you… Maybe not…Will it depend on the sun or rain…who knows?