I Just Got My PhD !!

Hope you are doing well..If you are still opening my monthly emails even after FOUR YEARS since the first one went out, I assume you are looking forward to what I have to say next…

Well…here it goes: I just received my PhD this week. That’s right! No…not the one from Harvard or M.I.T. In fact it was a little farther from Boston. More precisely, it was from LUTRON in Coppersburg, PA – a leading company in lighting controls and home automation shading systems.


Lutron - Serena PhD



I had the pleasure to visit Lutron World Headquarters and met some of the staff – from  the V.P. of New Business Development to the Senior Engineers and Marketing Specialists. What I am trying to tell you is that I am VERY CONFIDENT in offering you one of the most reliable products on the market for automated shade solutions.

Do you remember the last time you physically dialed a telephone?

Or the last time you saw a restaurant advertising “Have lunch with us –  we have AC!”?

My point is as humans, we naturally evolve – ok, your brother-in-law is an exception – but most of us do. We like things that make our lives more comfortable and pleasant. We adapt and enjoy enhancements that make our daily routines more exciting!

And the shades from Lutron will indeed get you excited about their new technology.

The battery life averages 3 years and they operate with almost no noise.  I could go on and on here with the Lutron benefits…

One of my friends saw the shades and said “these shades could sell themselves!”  Now here’s the catch: I WANT to show them to YOU. No pressure, no commitment, just few minutes of your time.

If you were looking for an excuse to call me to help you replace those $5 vinyl shades your Gramma gave you for your wedding gift, now it’s the time.

Check them out here www.serenashades.com

Oh, and my PhD stands for Preferred honeycomb Dealer.

I am available at 508-520-6700.But don’t delay..classes resume soon!

Until my next degree…