I Wanna Be Julie Murphy

You may or may not recall that last month was my 40th birthday. If you don’t I won’t blame you. I too have things more import to remember.

Because the BIG day was on Friday the 13th I decided to test my “lucky day” at Fox Wood Casino in CT. I reserved two nights at the hotel for Ana and myself and off we went for a nice and long weekend.

As expected (it happens every year) I received several text messages, Facebook messages, emails and some phone calls to wish me a happy birthday. Even my cousin who lives overseas called that day. But one person went above and beyond to surprise me…

After a nice breakfast and a walk around the casino, both Ana and I decided to return to our room for a nap. To my surprise (actually the two of us were), there was a tray with a bottle of champagne and strawberries dipped in chocolate and a note saying “Win Big – Happy Birthday – Julie Murphy” 

Now before you start guessing what Julie’s relationship to me is let me explain: Julie Murphy owns JM Custom Design – a custom workroom (a business that makes drapes and soft treatments) in Dorchester, MA. She uses my services for installation and hard treatment supplies. In another words – she is my client, a good friend and she did something that I will remember forever!

When it comes to replacing your window treatments I want to be your Julie Murphy. Here’s why:

SURPRISE – while you receive several advertisements for window shades (like my birthday wishes) I offer products that most of my competitors don’t have access to and you would never know what you are missing.

LISTEN – I did not tell many people that I was going way, but Julie listened to where I was going to be and took action…I  also like to listen to what your concerns, ideas and needs are before offering the right products to you.

MEMORIES – every year the ritual repeats: birthday wishes, phone calls and birthday cards, but Julie’s out of the box move will be remembered for decades.

I, on the other hand, don’t want you to love your window coverings for decades – otherwise I will go out of business. However, I will offer you a window treatment solution that will put a smile on your face for several years to come.

So, before your ugly shades celebrate another anniversary on your windows, give me a call at 508-520-6700 or email me at roger@shadesinplace.com and I will send you a gift – I mean new shades…