Naked Windows

I just replaced my cell phone last month. Not that I was looking forward to it, but because I had to. My older Samsung Droid Charge was acting up, freezing for no reason and really making me frustrated.  So, shopping for a new phone was ….well….a bit challenging to say the least…

So many options with battery life, gaming capability, blue tooth connection, voice recognition, GPS, text, emails, social media, videos, photos….and then reading all the reviews…?!? Hello? Still awake? It was just too much to consider!

And the simple truth is that I only use the phone for making calls, quick email replies and texting. I’d rather use my large computer screen for Facebook, photos and videos.

Now, here’s something interesting: when I meet someone at their home for a window treatment consultation, they usually give me a tour of all the rooms and tell me they need shades for every window in the house.

The reality is not every window requires a shade. The picture below, for instance, would not tell the true story (and the great view!) if the windows were covered.

In many cases, I will suggest leaving some windows ‘naked’ because it is a better option. 

Here are a few reasons:

           the window coverings will block the beautiful view

           they may be too hard to reach

           Sometimes a window film will suit the situation.

Here’s the bottom line – just because I have tons of options to cover your windows (ok…dozens of options) we don’t necessary need to use them. Sometimes keeping it simple (and naked) is the best option.

If you are not sure about what to do with your naked windows, give me a call at 508-520-6700 or shoot me an email at so we can schedule a home consultation to find out how to “dress them”.

Sorry, I’ve got to go; my new Samsung Galaxy S3 is ringing…

PS:  Congrats Boston (STRONG) Red Sox!! It was the best come back ever.