Painful Loss

February wasn’t an easy month. Not just because of the freezing temps or the continuous snow fall but for something I took for granted until I lost it…… my computer.

I had plans to retire my 2009 Fujitsu laptop by the end of the year. The poor guy was not performing at the same speed anymore. It required frequent updates and extra attention about how many programs I could run at one time.

Sadly, on February 10th my buddy went to sleep and
woke up the next morning dead. Okay, not dead but in a deep coma! I rushed to apply all the CPR techniques I knew but it was not enough.

Then I called Rich Frongillo, the IT Doctor ( fearing the worst. After some trouble shooting on the phone, the Doc said that he needed to admit my friend into the hospital.

Four days later I still did not know for sure when, or if, my buddy would be back. The work was mounting up and I had to make a decision: spend money to revive the old pal (and eventually spend more $$ when replacing it later this year) or bite the bullet and bring some fresh blood in now.

I chose the second option with all the bells and whistles: super-fast, bigger screen… name it – I got it. But between the CPR attempt and getting the new custom machine delivery took twelve long PAINFUL days.

Of course my company did not stop but it was not running at full speed. It took me longer to present quotes and invoices and to respond to emails since I was using the backup office desktop.

Now keep my experience in mind when it comes to your shades and blinds.

I know that replacing them soon is in the back of your mind but did you know that custom window coverings average 3-4 weeks for delivery (some even 6-8 weeks)? If they decide to mimic my computer and die (break/fall down/water damage) unannounced you will be forced to pull the beach towels out a lot sooner to cover the windows in the meantime.

And while you are giving some thought to this I would appreciate you taking 59 seconds to watch my latest video that will get you inspired.

Expert Ideas for Your Windows

Yes, I produced it on my new computer…

Please greet the newcomer or say “goodbye” to the old pal using this link. If the computer is not working, then call 508-520-6700 or email me from your phone.

See you soon – in shorts (I hope)

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  1. Karl I says:

    Always hard to say goodbye. I am on my 3rd laptop in as many years. I donated my old one to the kids and even with missing and sticky keys, I find myself going back to it whenever no one else is using it over the new one.

    Good read Thanks

    • Roger Magalhaes says:

      Hey Karl–

      This is my third also…The first one lasted about 10 years…the second only 4…Let’s see how far this one goes…

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