Riding Along

Riding Along is our latest weekly blog designed to keep you up do date with everything that we’ve been up to in the previous week! We started this blog to give you a bit of insight into what a week is like in the shoes of Boston’s go-to “blind guy”! We hope you enjoy this light-hearted commentary on the week’s events in the wonderful world of Window Treatments!

Riding Along – Vol II

Another seven day week….with lots of plantation shutters and lots and lots of miles! On Sunday, I went to Provincetown a.k.a. “P Town”. This project was installed last Spring, but there were some construction issues over the summer, so the home needed to be repainted. So, I went to reinstall all of the window treatments including fabric Roman shades, automated […]

Riding Along – Vol I

Riding Along is our new way to keep in touch with our clients, friends and fans. Every week , you will have the opportunity to learn what we did, where we went, and what jobs we performed. We’ll even try to make it fun and entertaining sometimes. Curious? Intrigued? Good! Lets check it out: The Holidays Kick […]