2015 – A Reflection and a Vision

2015 started off well….
We had high expectations.
We offered great products.
2015 ended even BETTER

You called, I answered.
You spent your hard-earned money.
But you loved it.
We had a great time.

You needed it covered.
I went 3 steps up…
I went 20 feet up…
It looked awesome!

It was too high…
I gave you long cords.
I gave you a remote.
It worked!

You needed it.
I was 5 miles away…
I was 3 hours away.
I drove it!

You wanted fabric..
You wanted wood.
You wanted what you did not know existed.
I found it for you.

I made new friends…
I lost some friends.
I strengthened relationships.
9 years on, We are still here!

You called.
You emailed.
You texted.
I answered.

You only could do at 6am.
You only could do at 7pm.
You only could do weekends.

You wanted shutters.
You wanted shades.
You had no clue what you wanted.
No problem!

It took 5 minutes.
It took 5 days.
It took 5 visits.
It was worth waiting!

It was cheap.
It was with a budget.
It was more than expected.
It was worth it!

You gave me a hug.
You gave me food.
You gave me money.
You gave me satisfaction!

I had an idea…
It grew into many ideas.
Some you already saw..
Many you will see soon.

We had goals.
We tracked them.
We hit them.
We went way beyond!

2015 started good.
2015 ends STRONG.
Tomorrow will close the year here.
Time for a break!

Thank You!

Merry Christmas
Feliz Navidad
Feliz Natal
joyeux Noël

-Roger Magalhaes – Owner of Shades IN Place in Boston, MA