Another Year In Paradise!

Hello and Happy New Year!
I had a tremendous time over the holidays in Brazil: great food, family & friends around and lots of smiles. The pictures below can tell you how much fun we had:

Shades In Place Newsletter 01/16
On my eleven hour flight back to the States, I was wondering how can I have the same type of fun while working? As I’ve mentioned in past newsletters, I love technology, I love to be challenged and I love hands-on work. And here, ladies and gents, is how I am going to achieve my goals for continued success in 2016!

2016 Goals For Shades In Place

The focus for Shades In Place from now on will be in 3 distinct areas:

  • Shade Automation & Smart Homes
  • Plantation Shutters
  • Complex Installation Services


Shade Automation & Smart Homes

This area of our industry combines technology and challenging applications. On top of that, it is an ever evolving segment of my industry. If you think about it, thermostats, lighting, cameras and even shades can now be operated via cell phones and tablets. When was the last time you’ve got up from your chair to change the channel on your TV? Yeah, you know what I’m saying. I want to play a major role in offering this technology to the greater Boston area…

Plantation Shutters

When it comes to designing and installing Custom Plantation Shutters, there is the easy way of doing things (my competition’s way) and there is the correct way of doing things; where the shutters must be incorporated with existing wood work, the colors must be a perfect match, and the lifestyle of the residents must be taken into account when designing the perfect shutters too. There are a lot of variables that most of my competition don’t like to get involved with, but I do, and that’s what makes working with shutters exciting for me, and hopefully builds my reputation for as somebody who sells the best plantation shutters in Boston!

Complex Installation Services

There is a saying in my industry that “any monkey can install blinds” but I like to add that Only the trained ones can do it right!– As I’ve mentioned above, I like to be challenged, I like the complexity of a project that involves different trades and the logistic of bringing those super duper wide shades 16 feet high without scratching floors or walls. I guess you’ve got the picture right? (Speaking of pictures, we will also be building the art-hanging side of our business this year!)

Now that I’ve laid out my plans for the year, it’s time to put it to work. But I will need your help! Send me an email or call / text 508-904-2108 to discuss your next project. And while you’re at it, tell me your goals for 2016, but only the realistic ones…lol

I will be at the gym trying to burn off all of those extra calories!

But Before I Go….I’d like to thank you for helping me achieve ANOTHER Houzz Award. Now I am proud to say that we are ‘Best of Houzz’ four years in a row: 2013-2016

2016 Best of Houzz Award