I hope this message finds you and your family healthy, well, and safe.

I see some increasingly positive news on TV and the internet, our efforts to stay home and social distance are flattening the curve. On behalf of our planet, I thank you for doing your part.

We are currently living through two crisis at the same time: health and financial. Unfortunately the latter will linger for longer as some businesses won’t survuve if they aren’t able to reopen soon.

In regards to that, I am very thankful to have you all as my clients and supporters for all of these years. Combining that with some “101” mom’s financial advice such as “always work harder than necessary to save more than you spend”, I am confident that we are going to weather this storm here at Shades In Place.

I don’t want to get into religious discussion, but I will be using today (Easter) to express my gratitude to all of you for supporting my business as is has grown all these years.

I also want to offer a special thanks to my banker, Itamar Chaliff, from Rockland Trust for putting forth the extra effort of meeting in an empty parking lot last Sunday to sign papers arranging financing that will assure that Shades In Place will weather any storm.

At any other time in history, the picture above would give you a whole different idea. Yeah … times are different now. Stay safe and keep washing your hands.