Hello and hope all is well!

My company continues to do great around here. Lots of people doing home improvements, others are realizing that the sun is coming through the dining room windows in the afternoon while they are doing a Zoom meeting and even some of my commercial accounts are back in business.

But something else also happened this week: it was my wedding anniversary on August 25th. And as I have been working nonstop, it was an easy decision to take the day off to enjoy Ana and remember our journey together. So, we decided to go deep sea fishing off Narragansett, RI.

In full disclosure, I have never fished before but Ana loves it so I went for the fun (but did not expect to catch anything). The company organizing the tour has the business down to a science: the crew prepares the rods and the bait for you (us). The captain drives the boat to an area full of hungry fish awaiting to be fed (thanks to the sonar) and our only job is to throw the fishline in the water and wait for the bite.

Hopefully more than once.

After a four-hour tour, we were able to catch almost a dozen big ones. Okay, not as big as I wanted them to be but you know what I mean. The bottom line is: because the fishing charter company has been doing this for so long, they took all the hassle out of the equation for us. They even cleaned the fish we caught so we could enjoy the best part of the experience: having fun and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

When it comes to automated shade solutions for your remodeling project, my goal is to be the captain of your boat. I will handle the hassles like deciding on controls, power options and best designs so that you and your family can simply enjoy the bite.

When you are ready to navigate the automated shady waters, give me a call at 508-520-6700 or send me your request here, so we can start planning our “fishing trip”.

Meanwhile, I am going to buy a bigger cooler for our lunch..