I use Facebook daily…For several reasons: keeping up with family and friends (here and in Brazil), to manage my Shades In Place page and even to admin a group I’ve created (Free Speech Window Treatment Group) to share knowledge among my trade peers. So, not a single day goes by without me checking on my accounts.

I’ve noticed however, a new feature that pops up on my news feed almost every day: “Reminders of past posts”. Something like of a popular post or life event I’ve published in the past that Facebook suggests me to re-share….Here’s an example:



I have been friends with Fabiano for almost 18 years (not 5 as it shows on FB). True brotherhood, the one you feel comfortable going in his house unannounced, staying late or even sleeping over. That kind of friendship! So I was glad to see that reminder…

Comparing FB to my monthly newsletter, I think is fair to say that there are similar goals: share with you about relevant life events, talk about industry related products and solutions for window coverings and even send you reminders about things that I believe are important for the moment.

Through those monthly doses of informal communication, we develop a closer relationship. And I am happy to say that some of those relationships had become friendships.

So, here’s my friendly advice to you: get your shades ordered ASAP! We are almost in November already. The process between scheduling an initial consultation and having the products installed can take between 4-8 weeks. I can get your new shades or shutters for Christmas but if you delay to call, it would be Christmas of 2016! Here’s how to get a hold of me via call / text 508-904-2108 or emailroger@shadesinplace.com

In the meantime, keep “liking it”.