Hello and Happy New Year!

After a fantastic 2014 I took a few days off to relax and enjoy time with my folks back home in Brazil. The weather was great – about 85 to 90 degrees for the most part and the food…. mmm…….the food!

But like all good things in life, my vacation came to an end and I had to return to the cold…. ewww…. the cold!  In case you are wondering I landed in Boston on the coldest day of the year so far (-13F). To stay healthy and avoid getting sick the best I could do was to add a few more layers of clothing and drink some hot chocolate to stay warm.


On the business side I am also making some changes to stay ‘healthy’ this year. Here are my top three changes:

A- Our monthly newsletter will be delivered every two months instead. To be honest you don’t need my services every month and quite frankly I bet you receive more than a fair share of emails everyday.So, I am going to help you de-clog your inbox at least by one.

B- FREE consultation – I am a firm believer that “FREE has no value”. However I have seen dozens of cases where consumers try to ‘save’ on my consultation fee by using one of the many FREE consultation / FREE estimate services out there. The results (for the most part) are not necessarily in the best interest of the homeowner. How do I know that? Because I have several clients that tell me they regretted not seeking my impartial expertise in the first placeMy proposal: Since day one my business model has been set up to offer the highest quality information and products to my clients. For 2015 I will offer an initial FREE consultation to everyone – no strings attached. Using my services is totally up to you – but at least you will have an impartial opinion about your project.

C – We are at the vanguard of the home automation segment as it continues to grow as a “must have” consumer option. Besides our current offering of automated window treatments, I am introducing lighting and temperature control via smartphones and tablets.

*** Thinking of remodeling? The best time to implement automation for your home is while the walls are open! ***

Let me know your thoughts about this newsletter or perhaps if you have any questions about an upcoming project. Here’s the best ways to get a hold on me:


text – 508-904-2108

office – 508-520-6700

fax – 508-445-8800

shake hands – 76 Grove St Franklin MA 02038

Wishing you all the best for 2015 and, like me, if you are thinking of trying to be a better person this year click here for a  bit of inspiration courtesy of my wonderful client Joanne Popp Realty  in Holliston,MA