Don’t know about you, but last month was big for me: I was invited to teach Installation Techniques at Custom Home Furnishing Academy  in Roswell, GA.

Before you start thinking about how the heck someone in GA knew about me here in Boston, let me share a fun fact: when I decided to embark in this industry in 2006 I went to THAT school myself, so I could gain some experience.

And thanks to technology a.k.a Social Media and monthly email newsletters my name started to appear in front of some of the most influential people in my trade. To the point that when the opening arose at the school I’ve got the invitation.

Yeah, this thing called technology sure made a difference..

And in case you haven’t shopped for new window treatments in while, let me tell you: there is a LOT of technology embedded in the shade manufacturing of the 21st century. Here’s what I mean:

If you want to print some sport’s logos such as major league baseball  or photos and graphics including Disney ,check it out here – for the “Man Cave or  for the lil princess”

If you think your iPhone was only intended to make phone calls, think again after watching this – now you will be able to close the shades up in the foyer or behind the sofa effortlessly

If your idea of roller shades it was what Grammy had in her bedroom, please click here to change your mind – now “Grammy’s shades” can be much wider and taller (and nicer too)

If you want to see 100’s of fabric samples for your next soft treatment project without leaving your comfort seating, this IS the link to follow – I know…drapes, Roman shades, bedding and anything else you may think about to cover in fabrics…

If you want to know more about any OR all the above, please click here to email me, or call me at 508-520-6700.

In case  technology works on your behalf, you can also text me to my cell phone 508-904-2108

See you around..or on the web!