Holiday Season (Again)

After taking a few days off to celebrate my big 44th birthday in Florida, last week I had to make a quick stop at the drugstore. I know what you are thinking: “poor Roger, cannot handle an overflow of work after a few days away without having some back ache.”

I kid you not, but you are wrong! The reason I went to the CVS pharmacy was to buy candies. I am a big chocolate lover and since Halloween signs are everywhere I’ve decided to indulge myself after lunch. And guess what? It reminded me that the holidays are just around the corner.

So, I’d like remind you that if you want your shades, blinds and shutters installed before Christmas – and I am talking 2017 Christmas, please call me now to get your order in place.

It never fails, I receive calls two weeks before Christmas from people looking to get window treatments purchased and installed by December 24th. So don’t be one of those people (your mother-in-law won’t forgive you for that).

Here’s what to do: either call or text me at 508-904-2108 or email me to setup a home consultation and get your project started.

In the meantime, I am providing some links below for some ideas.


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