Home Office Conundrum

Hello and hope all is well!

Today I am going to disappoint you by not talking about the election. Sad, I know, and I am sure that you were looking forward to it (haha).

Instead, I am going to share something I heard on the radio the other day. People are missing the interaction with colleagues at the office, shocking, right?

Since the pandemic started, people have been trapped at home alone (kids and dogs don’t count) and basically isolated from everyone else.

Back in March, the original thought about skipping traffic, working in your pajamas, and not having to deal with your colleagues sounded perfect. However, over the next few months, individuals realized that there is life on the other side of the screens (literally), and sometimes it is fun to see something other than your computer and your desk. Workers are feeling lonely and want the small talk again.

I personally go in the opposite direction since Zoom is not (yet) capable of installing shades via conference calls. For that reason, everyday I interact with clients, contractors, and police officers giving speeding tickets (ok, don’t tell my wife about that).

Now, in case you are still dragging your feet about installing shades over the dining room windows to cut out the glare during your Zoom calls, I have some good news. Call 508-520-6700 to speak to a real person (yes, me) and schedule a visit at the convenience of your home office.

You are going to avoid traffic, have a real human being to speak to (yes, me again) about shades, shutters, or drapes, and we can even have a cup of coffee if your next conference call is canceled.

I love small talk and personal stories. I am going to buy some cookies to bring over just in case we got a few extra minutes to chat!

BTW, wishing you and yours a healthy and safe Halloween!