I hope this finds you and yours in good health while reading this message. Today I am going to describe my regular morning routine.

I get to my shop early, load the van with the boxes that are going to be installed that day, set the first destination on the GPS and off I go to my first client.

My commute changes daily, but typically it takes between 30 – 45 minutes if there is no traffic and I use that time to speak to my mom in Brazil. That’s right: I call her every day as a way to fill the void for not being physically present. We never run out of topics to discuss and her daily dose of wisdom is always priceless.

Three years ago, I decided to surprise her for Mother’s Day and planned a secret visit. Everything had to be meticulously considered, as I did not want her to suspect that something was up.

On the Friday before Mother’s Day, I called her as I normally would, but I was heading to the airport instead. We chatted the usual way, and after a while I told her that I had arrived at my first stop and would call her again “tomorrow”. Meanwhile, I had made arrangements for my best friend to pick me up at the airport in Sao Paulo upon my arrival. The flight got delayed but not by much. My friend picked me up and we headed to my Mom’s.

As we were approaching her condo, I called my Mom, and she was all worried because it was almost 1 pm and I was “late” for my phone call. I told her I had a busy morning and could not talk until then. I finished my phone call right at her front door. Once we hung up, I knocked on her door and she came to answer it.

She was expecting anyone but me at that moment, and there I was standing with my arms spread wide, ready to hug her. It would be perfect if she wasn’t frozen once she saw me and could not figure out how I could just hang up the phone “in Boston” and be at her door at the same time… It took her a few seconds to “come back to Earth” but it was priceless.

I wanted to share this moment with you today, as we are all closely distant from our loved ones. Sometimes we take things for granted and we shouldn’t. 

Time is the most valued asset we have, and cannot be renewed.

Once it is gone, it cannot be taken back. Perhaps we all want to hug a mom, a son, or a daughter today, but our current health crisis makes it almost impossible or irresponsible to do so. 

Please enjoy the people you love while you can. And celebrate YOUR day today, as best as you can. As my Mom says, “it is only Mother’s Day because there is a son or a daughter on the other end.”

With love,