Hello my friend and happy hot August!

I am well known for making wrong decisions and predictions. Ask my wife Ana, if you have any doubts. My last wrong prediction was in mid-March 2020 when the pandemic hit us. Honestly, I’ve thought that I was going to have a tough financial situation in the months ahead due to lack of business. I took a couple of weeks off work to “rethink my company” and decided to follow the same recipe as I did in 2008 during the housing crisis. I turned off the TV and decided to ignore the news. Soon after, business was good again. Here’s what I think happened:

Boredom! People got bored in their houses and started remodeling their homes to keep themselves busy. New freshly painted walls lead to new flooring, which leads to new shades. BINGO!

Second homes – some of my clients got out of the city and sheltered in their vacation homes down on the Cape, up in Maine, and all over the place. Once they stayed there for a week, they realized that they never had good window treatments (or shades at all). Guess who they called to the rescue? (hint: he is Brazilian)

Staycation – Since people are not traveling this year, they are using the vacation money to improving and upgrading their homes. Who do you think is working with them to provide the latest and greatest window shades, blinds and shutters for their enjoyment? Yeah, me again!

The bottom line is this: I feel bad on one hand that many people (including some of my friends) are jobless at the moment, but on the other hand, I feel very blessed for having the busiest summer in my 15 year history in the shady business. I can only thank you and your referrals for all of my success.

If you decide to get some shades for yourself, I suggest that you get in touch now via this link. I am running a couple of weeks out for the initial consultation. Also, all the manufacturers are experiencing extra delays due to material shortage, reduced staffing, extra long procedures and even shipping delays. In other words, if you are planning on hosting Christmas at your house this year, or just don’t want to wait past the holidays to gift yourself, you should call now to get the process started for your new window coverings.

In the meantime, I am putting together a list (a book really) of the mistakes and wrong predictions I have made so far. I will send you an autographed copy once it is completed.