I hope this message finds you and yours healthy, happy and sane. And while you are still smiling, I wanted to share a bit of my story with you today.

One of the good aspects of installing blinds and shades is that it does not require formal education to become a “professional”. Unfortunately, that is also one of the bad aspects; anyone can pretend to know what they are doing and consequently can create really bad experiences for consumers.

When I first started in this business 15 years ago, there was only one location in Charlotte, NC for formal training. I went there and spent 7 days learning from the pros. Sadly that place is long gone, but I have never stopped learning by attending seminars and workshops from manufacturers over the years. I am always hungry for new information and seeking ways to improve my business.

Two years ago, I was approached by Window Fashions magazine who has been at the forefront of industry education for over 30 years to develop their first ever installation course. They requested that I develop the most comprehensive educational material to train newcomers as well as seasoned professional installers.

I became the Installation Instructor for WFCP (Window Fashions Certified Professionals) and FastTrack Program. The debut of this course was going to be (ironically) in Charlotte, NC this past March at the Annual International Window Coverings Expo (IWCE) but Corona came and crashed the party.

Given the current situation: stuck at home and unfortunately for some without a job, Grace McNamara (the Publisher) and I had an idea. We decided to offer this Installation Certification (8 classes) and the exam ONLINE. Click here for the details.

You’ll receive WFCP—Certification Testing, a $175 value, complimentary with the purchase of a WFCP FastTrack On-Demand course. 

There is no doubt that I make a good living and you could too as the demand for new installers is huge in all parts of the country. Perhaps you or someone you know can benefit from this. Maybe they are looking for a change. Maybe they must change it. My career started as a part-time job and progressed from there. Who knows, perhaps this is the opportunity they were looking for?

Enroll now >> https://www.wf-vision.com/fasttrack-certification 

This is definitely something I am very excited about and would love to answer any questions or discuss further with you. Please share your thoughts and perhaps, we will become colleagues. In the meantime, do you mind handing me that drill to your right?