Your Weekly Blind Date

Your Weekly Blind Date is our weekly blog that will touch on topics such as business, friendships, ups, downs, and all of the random encounters and experiences that we go through running an award winning window treatment company here in Boston!

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Hello dear friend! I don’t know about you, but I am glad that the election is almost over so we can get back to discuss more important issues in our daily lives. But first, I need to get this message off my chest and hope you don’t get upset… I get it, you hated him […]

Hello friend and greetings from Bar Harbor, Maine! You may or may not remember this, but before my life as a shady guy, I had another life as a truck driver. I was living in America for only two months and working in a car wash barely making $250 a week. I was not too happy about […]

Hello friend! I hope all is well with you despite the most unpredictable year in the history of our generation. Let me give you a couple of examples:When the pandemic hit, I sincerely thought that I would have zero business for the next few months. But instead, I am having the absolute best year in […]