Our Holiday Message

It started as a part-time.
It became a full-time.
Ten years this year.
Now it’s a passion…

You wanted cords.
I’ve said cordless…
You know what?
Let’s do a remote…

You wrote an email.
You wrote the check.
You wrote me a review.
I wrote Thank YOU!

It was shared on Facebook.
It was shared on Houzz.
It was shared on Yelp.
We now share friendship…

Smart phone.
Smart shades.
Smart marriage.
Smart decision!

Jobs in town.
Jobs in Bos-town.
Jobs in P-town.
Jobs in Any-town.

Paid by check.
Paid by card.
Paid in cash.
Done deal!

No ladder needed.
A 3 step stool is enough.
A 15 footer is required.
Get me a scissor lift this time.

Powered by batteries.
Powered by a transformer.
Solar power is an option too.
Even hard-wired is available.

Only a single shade.
Over twenty this time.
Just a repair for now.
Call me anytime.

We do windows.
We do shades.
We do shutters.
We do smiles 

A new year…
A new president…
A new beginning …
Let’s set the goals!


Happy Holidays
Happy New Year
Happy Whole Year
Happy Life!

Shades in Place Boston wishes you Happy Holidays