Custom Plantation Shutters in Boston

About Our Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are one of the most versatile window treatment products on the market today. Interior Shutters can be made from many different materials; such as Solid Composite, Vinyl and Genuine Hardwood. Choosing the right plantation shutter in the right material is a very important decision, and one that shouldn’t be dictated by a good sales pitch. At Shades IN Place we believe in presenting our clients with a low pressure Shutter buying experience where we present all of the shutters that we offer, explain the benefits that each shutter brand offers, and help you in choosing the perfect shutter for your home.


Should I choose Wood Plantation Shutters or “Faux Wood” Shutters?

This is a question that we are commonly asked, and the answer is different for everyone. Here in Boston, the vast majority of the Plantation Shutters that we sell are Real Wood. The reason for that is simply that if a Shutter is fabricated using quality materials and a quality grade and species of Hardwood, then the shutter will last a lifetime. Real wood is not without it’s limitations however. Wood is a natural product, and is therefore naturally purous, and as such, should not be used in wet environments such as showers or certain bathrooms. That is where synthetic materials, such as vinyl and vinyl composites really excel. Some of the Composite Shutter brands that we sell are virtually identical to their wood counterparts. In fact, with certain brands, we can even match paint colors and frame choices to create a seamless look as you pass from room to room.


What are my options when it comes to designing my Plantation Shutters?

First, Let’s talk Color! When it comes to color options, Plantation Shutters have the ability to offer a truly customized look for any style of home. Our color choices range from whites and off whites, solid colors, light and dark wood stains and even custom match painting. And if that weren’t enough, we also offer Knotty and Distressed Finishes also.

The second thing that people are going to notice when they are admiring your gorgeous Plantation Shutters is going to be the Louver Size. Here in the Boston area, the styles of houses can range anywhere from Old World Colonial to New Contemporary, and when it comes to Plantation Shutters, nothing affects the styling as much as your choice of louver size. More “Old Traditional” Shutter styling may call for a 1.5″ or 2.5″ Louver Size, whereas more contemporary styles may call for 3.5″ or 4.5″ Louvers. And for those who are looking for an open expansive view that is second to none, you may even consider a shutter with 5.25″ Louvers!

One of the major choices you’ll have to make when designing your plantation shutters will be your Frame Choice! We offer a variety of different frame profiles and sizes to fit literally any style you can throw at us. Maybe you don’t even want a frame… Don’t worry, we can do that too! Set up an in-home consultation today so that we can go over all of your options in person!

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Other Customization Options include:
Tilt Bar – From a traditional tilt bar to an Invisible Tilt System to provide a completely unobstructed view

Hinges – From painted hinges to blend with the shutter color or bold colored hinges to contrast with your shutters. Some of our specialty hinge colors include: brushed nickel, stainless steel, black and brushed oiled bronze.

Specialty Shapes and Applications – Our Plantation Shutters can also be fabricated to accommodate a large number of different window shapes such as rectangular, arches, angled tops, triangles, ovals, sidelights, sliding and French doors and even skylights.

Motorization – Wait… Did you say? YES, we did. If you know anything about us, you know that our policy here at Shades in Place is that every Window Treatment can be improved by motorizing it! Our Plantation Shutters are no exception. We offer Motorized Plantation Shutters for those hard to reach windows, such as high windows in a foyer, or even just windows over a bathtub!

With so many options available, how do you choose the right option for your home? That’s when Shades IN Place comes in. The combination of our expertise and your sense of style will help to determine the material, color and configuration to best suit your needs.


What Plantation Shutter Brands do you offer?

We proudly offer plantation shutters from several different quality manufacturers such as: Norman Shutters, Hunter Douglas Shutters, O’Hair Shutters and Lafayette. Our reasoning behind offering a variety of Shutter Manufacturers is simple: each manufacturer offers something unique that no other shutter company does; and because each home and family is unique, we never want to steer somebody into a product that isn’t absolutely perfect for them. As a result, our years of experience in designing, measuring, specifying and installing plantation shutters will help you in deciding on the absolute best plantation shutter for your home.


So What Are You Waiting For?

Give us a call today to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation to start your plantation shutter project. Boston has lots of challenging windows but we are here to help!