Living in the Northeast, I know that every sunny day is an opportunity for outdoor activities. I truly enjoy some extra daylight during the summer months. The feeling of getting my job done and still having a bit of the “day” to play/relax/exercise is priceless.

And speaking of enjoying the sunshine – as your trusted window treatment specialist– I want to introduce you to another excellent option – roller shades – as a great fit to blocking UV rays and heat while protecting your valuables inside the home.  These are NOT your mother’s grandmother’s roller shades!

Some “cool” features that roller shades offer are:

1 – see-through fabrics – cut glare without losing the view

2 – solar powered shades – truly green and no need to replace batteries anymore!

3 – outdoor shades – for porches and patios – keep the mosquitoes OUT!

4 – digital printed shades – specially good for commercial applications

If you finish your day early, while enjoying yourself by the pool , take a minute to check out my supplier’s website for some great info and photos

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If you need me, I will be by the pool enjoying my “Margarita”..