Professional Window Treatment Installation

Why Should I Hire a Professional Installer?

Properly installing your window treatments takes a lot more than just putting a few screws in the wall. The same can be said for actual window installation from companies such as, everything needs to be done to the book and by professionals.

As a matter of fact, improper installation can be downright dangerous.

When it comes to installing your window treatments, there are several questions to consider before attempting this time consuming task all on your own.

Ask Yourself

How will the window treatment be mounted?

How will you make sure it is going to be level?

What safety considerations do you have to plan for prior to getting started?

Once installed, is it going to be secure enough to operate on a daily basis?

Will it be fastened into wood, plaster or concrete?

What type of fasteners will you use?

Will you be able to reach the window safely and easily during the installation?

Do you have the proper tools for the task?

Is the window too wide for one person to handle the installation alone?

As you can see, there is a lot for the “Do-It-Yourselfer” to think about and plan for to make sure it comes out right.

Good News! There is a better (and safer) solution.

Here at Shades In Place, Inc., we have professional installers with years of experience and knowhow. Our team attends certification training and workshops on proper installation techniques on a regular basis. In addition, we have the right equipment to handle everything from simple to very complex installations. And, we do it safely and on time.

“Roger and I have worked on several projects together. What stands out the most about him is his professional demeanor towards the customers. Of course, the fact that he has had all the necessary training on the products and all aspects of installation make it a pleasure. I’ll continue to use Roger for my installation and hardware needs.” – Carol Collord – Creations by Carol – Medway, MA

We carry several types of fasteners, wall anchors and hardware for every type of installation situation imaginable. And, we are accustomed to working inside beautiful homes without disturbing the furniture or making a mess of the walls and floors.

In addition, we also work regularly on commercial jobs where time is of the essence and deadlines are very tight. We also are flexible with our working hours to accommodate every client’s request to get the project finished on time.

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