The name of my company – Shades In Place, “implies” that I deal with shades. It’s a given. You KNOW that. Well, at least I hope you do…

The problem is that I ASSUME that you also know that beside carrying shades, I also offer blinds, drapes, fabrics and Plantation Shutters.

In many conversations with vendors, clients and friends (and my wife Ana) the question always pops up: “Roger, do you offer drapes too?”… What you mean? Of Course I do?!

But I take all the blame here: it’s my fault not explaining all my services and products to you…But, from now on (drum roll, please!)

I want you to know that besides shades, I also offer blinds, Plantation Shutters, Drapes, Top Treatments and Fabrics. In fact, if you look down below in this email, you will find our seasonal coupon for the Spring offering 20% OFF on Fabrics and Drapes.

Take advantage of the warming days and help your friend here (Yes! ME) spreading the word to your family and friends about what I can do to enhance the interior of homes or office spaces using fabrics, top treatments and drapes. Hope I wasn’t too repetitive about saying fabrics, top treatments and drapes.