Happy Birthday Again
Believe it or not I am entering my 8th year in business this June.Without a doubt it has been waaaay better than any of my wildest dreams of what my company would look like 8 years ago.Since many of you have followed, supported and shared my victories all along I’d like to list some of the highlights that helped me get where I am today (and hopefully will get me at least another eight great years!) 

June 2006 – Shades In Place was born as a part-time installation service provider for blinds and shades. My goal was to make $300 a week, however I ended up making over three times that.


2007 –  Traveled all over the country attending classes and certification programs in the industry such as the CHF Academy, Hunter Douglas Professional Installer and Norman Shutter Installation. My company’s website also went live www.shadesinplace.com – even though I was NOT sure why I needed a website at the time.


2008 – Developed contracts with several retailers for my installation services. We were serving about 30 stores between Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I hired my first employee to help with the work load and it was also the year I started my monthly newsletter.


2009 – With a bad economy and lots of vacant buildings I was able to negotiate a great deal and moved to a commercial space hence The Shades IN Place Studio.


2010 –  With 4 employees, 2 vans and an average of 50 jobs a week. I was averaging 18 working hours a day. That year I was invited to write about installation techniques for the WCN Magazine.


2011 – I had an ‘A-ha’ moment and decided I wanted to promote quality over quantity in my business. My focus changed and my service contracts reduced dramatically. We became a reliable turnkey solution in the window treatment business for proud homeowners, interior designers and builders in the Boston area. It was also the year we became Shades In Place Inc and started receiving online reviews.


2012 – I returned to working solo. My clients loved this because they trust my attention to detail and appreciate how I take care of them and their properties.


2013 – I started receiving national recognition and was persuaded to write for a second trade magazine. In addition, I was  invited to join a winning team as an instructor certifying other professionals in the window coverings business. I also renovated my studio including hundreds of working samples. The studio is now open Tue. & Thu. 11-5 and Sat. 11-3.


2014 – Revamped my website and added a new (mobile) format for my monthly newsletter.  I am also working with some the coolest people in the country with amazing life stories and looking forward to another great year.


Thanks so much for helping me get here. If you wish to share a moment, give me your feedback about the site or the new newsletter format or simply say Happy Anniversary just call 508-520-6700 or email me at roger@shadesinplace.com