I don’t know about you, but I only have 24 hours in a day to do all the things our modern society suggests I should do: sleep 8 hours, work, respond emails on time, eat healthy, exercise, play with the kids, pay bills, take a vacation, keep up with friends on Facebook, (____________) fill the blank here….Yeah I hear you!
Here’s what I do: I try to utilize technology as much as I can to “gain” a few minutes here and there. Right at this second I am truly enjoying a vacation overseas with my folks. This email was written last week and scheduled to be delivered today. My bills are all paid thanks to e­Bill service via my bank and I will NEVER forget my wedding anniversary again (sorry honey) since it is a recurring event on my Google Calendar.
My point is you can make technology your best friend. As for technology in window treatments here’s something really cool about automated shades: Say a few days a week you can sleep in an extra hour in the morning ­ you can schedule your shades to open one hour later on those days.
Perhaps the sun only hits your living room hardwood floors and leather couch between noon and 2pm but you are at work. Instead of having the shades closed all day to protect your furnishings and lose the natural warmth of the sun (and consequently increase your utility bill) you could program the shades to simply close during that window of time ­ a perfect compromise!
Smart homes are becoming part of our society, one app at a time..Give me a call at 508­-520­-6700 or email me at roger@shadesinplace.com to learn more. However until 9/25 you are only going to get my auto responses either via email or voicemail. A live person (me) will get in touch with you then!
By the way, do you know of any automated “losing weight program”? I will definitely need one when I return.