Hello dear friend!

Believe it or not we are in September already. To me, it is the best month of the year. I was born in September. In fact, today (9/13) is my birthday: I am turning 47. The body is not as agile as it was in my 20’s but my mind keeps running faster and faster. To be honest, I am surprised that I never got a speeding ticket as my brain is always racing above 100 MPH over new ideas, dreams and things I want to accomplish in life.

I believe that every morning when we wake up, there is an opportunity to learn something new and to refine what was learned the day before. I tell people that knowledge is the only thing you can have as much as you’d like without running out of space.

So after fifteen years of working, making mistakes and learning this business I have decided to go one step further. So as of last Friday (9/11/2020) I have created a new company called Trading Up Consulting, LLC.

The goal is to consult (duh), train and assist my fellow window treatment colleagues across the country. The primary focus of this new business is to unify information (you have no idea how many ‘shade’ companies are out there), train and teach small groups and also to develop an online course to incentivize younger blood into my industry.

You see, most people think that window treatment installation is not a profession. At first, we come across as “handyman” (no offense to anyone) or DIY(ers) but it take years to refine and nurture someone to become a full time installer. The vast majority of the population does not believe that a professional installer can make six figures installing shades, shutters and drapes. I certainly can prove them wrong!

So, my hope with this project is to open doors and create opportunities as there is a dire need of new professionals in this field because a massive portion of the working force is aging (leave me OUT of this please).

So today, instead of planning for my retirement, I will be writing the business plan of my next chapter. If you have any suggestions or feedback I greatly welcome them with open arms. Feel free to send them here.

In the meantime, I will keep climbing ladders, but not as fast as these guys.

Cheers 🍻