I never heard of the term fake news before social media. But I had never heard of online reviews either. You know, our life has really changed after that thing called the internet.

I guess we can divide our society into two periods: B.I. (Before Internet) and A.I. (After Internet). No more conversations at the dinner table, silence in the car on road trips and no more annoying small talk with strangers. Everyone is so focused at looking down. (sarcastic mode ON)

However, there is the other side. Thank God for internet too. Otherwise you would not be able to read this newsletter (yeah, it could be a cursing I know). But seriously, a well connected world helps small businesses like mine enormously. For instance, I would not be able to have projects completed in seven different states if my work was not published online. I would not have connections in California to arrange a trip to Rosarito, Mexico to tour one of my supplier’s manufacturing plants (Thanks Alta for that awesome experience including the small margarita and calamari). And I would never be able to achieve 300 – 5 start reviews (this is not fake news) if people did not share their experiences using our services. For that and for you trusting my company in your home, a big THANK YOU.

I am not even going to mention the benefits of automated, connected, treatments on auto schedule open & close shades this time…oops. 

But seriously, cannot thank you enough for your business and support over these 13 years. Life has been great and kind to us. And you are part of that – Thanks Again!

Wishing you and yours a safe and fun rest of the summer. But in case you need to get ahold of me, internet is a great way to do that: Call or text  508-904-2108 or email here