Solar Shades in Franklin, MA

Vendetti-sign“Only took 10 days for custom shades for our company. We would highly recommend Roger and Shades in Place !!! Job was done in no time at all.”



Client  Vendetti Motors

Location Franklin MA 02038

Project Sale & Installation of solar shades for showroom and service areas

Scope Client came to us looking for a solution for his dealership: heat buildup in the afternoon and glare blinding employees and customers. However his main concern was to find a product that would solve the problems AND looked nice and cohesive at the same time. The solution was screen / solar roller shades. We used a gray tone that worked perfectly with the decor. The cost was affordable and the shades can be raised easily when there is no sun. But the best part is that even when the shades are down, everyone can see the outside without being blinded by the sun.


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