Ana’s Follow Up and My Gift to You

The surgery went well and Ana was released from the hospital yesterday @ 4pm. She’s now home sleeping and a little sored –  which is normal. There is a follow-up visit with the doctor  next Monday @ 10am. Please keep your prays coming…

I was surprised by the number of emails, FB messages, phone calls, text messages we received! It was more than 300 ! Ana did not know about them before hand. My plan was to print all messages and give to her before the operation. But they were so many that I’ve decided to put all together in a pdf file and emailed her instead. I know – my techy side spoke up!



#1 – Here’s a picture of Ana just moments before the nurses moved her into the operation room. I’ve post this picture on FB with the text “God please watch out for my baby.” And within minutes some of my friends unaware of Ana’s problem – were posting“Congrats becoming a Daddy”…LOL


#2 – While seating next to Ana’s bed in the pre-op area, many nurses and doctors stopped by to ask questions and such. This guy stopped by and I realized he was from Cape Verde. We started talking and I’ve told him that I had worked with many Cape Verdeans in the past…To make a long story short, I worked with his father in a factory in Canton,MA. He also worked at the same company, but he left the company 2 years before I was hired. Over there, he was a janitor and no one cared to return his greets in the morning – perhaps because he was “just the janitor”…Today however, he is DOCTOR Nelson Medina – Professor at BU – BMC and the person in charge of Ana’s operation!

Roger’s moral: treat everyone fair and with respect, maybe tomorrow you life could be (literally) in his/her hands.

#3 – Did you know I was admitted at Milford Hospital this past Sunday afternoon with kidney stones? Who said my life was boring?! lol




Since you cared and sent you message and support, I wanted to share a little something with you. Christmas came earlier for me this year and I will not going to bother you again. However I’ve put together 10 thoughts that I live by. I did not include the credits because I just don’t know.

Since you were meaningful to me and Ana I wanted to share these meaningful thoughtswith you and your family!

Happy Holidays with lots of health and wealth!