Your Weekly Blind Date

Your Weekly Blind Date is our weekly blog that will touch on topics such as business, friendships, ups, downs, and all of the random encounters and experiences that we go through running an award winning window treatment company here in Boston!

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By the time this newsletter hits your inbox , Hurricane Idalia will be gone, our lives will be back to normal and I will already be halfway through my vacation in Brazil. Meanwhile, back in March when Ana and I were discussing our crazy idea of moving south, some of our friends brought up the […]

For the first 26 years of my life, the primary language I spoke was Portuguese. In the year 2000, I moved to Boston and everything changed. 

At first, I understood very little English and had the hardest time communicating.

Yes, We Did It! Move cross-country that is … Most of our friends are averse to surprises and in favor of a more steady and predictable life. And the ones that are considering a change, are approaching retirement. That wasn’t exactly the case for Ana and I… Four months ago, we had ZERO, NADA…absolutely NO […]