Your Weekly Blind Date

Your Weekly Blind Date is our weekly blog that will touch on topics such as business, friendships, ups, downs, and all of the random encounters and experiences that we go through running an award winning window treatment company here in Boston!

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I hope all is well with you and yours. June is a very special month for me: it is a double anniversary celebration: on June 1st, I celebrated twenty years living in America. Yeah, two full decades here on the land of opportunities. Also, yesterday my babe turned fourteen. I am a proud father of […]

I hope that you are well and as excited with the reopening of the economy as I am. To be honest, I never fully stopped working and I kept moving all this time. If you are ready to replace those 1990 ugly blinds that you forgot you had, before the pandemic kept you at home to […]

Happy Sunday morning my friend! Or whenever! Like my friend Joe in Florida says, “since the lockdown started, there are only three days in the week now: yesterday, today and tomorrow.” I am sure you are looking forward to getting back to “the old days”, that is, some sort of normalcy, as the lockdowns are starting to soften. And […]