Bruce Willis 4.0

In a couple of days (that’s right, it will be Friday 13th I will be celebrating my 40th birthday! No kidding, life goes by F-A-S-T. Recapping those many moments, I have come to the conclusion that I have a lot in common with Bruce Willis. No, I don’t make millions per job like he does. No, I don’t live in a house with that many windows like his and I never dated Demi Moore either….but the differences end there.

  • At age five I almost drowned in a swimming pool at a friend’s house. Luckily one of my father’s employees was nearby and saved me.

    At nineteen I cut myself shaving and got an infection that put me in the hospital for FIFTY SEVEN days.

    When I was twenty three I was working as a maintenance supervisor in a factory and went up to the roof to approve a gutter job and the roof collapsed and I fell THIRTY feet to the ground landing on the cement floor. I “earned” another stay at the hospital.

    On 9/11 I was driving a 18 wheeler from NJ to Boston on I-95 express lane. As I was near crossing the George Washington Bridge in NY, the bridge was shut down and I had to drive SEVEN MILES IN REVERSE in order to turn around my truck and find an alternative way back home.


 As you can see, like Bruce, I am a Die Hard kind of a guy too. So, my goal today is just to thank you for your support, friendship and patronage during these years. There is nothing like almost “getting to the other side” to appreciate the small things in life.

Oh, I  almost forgot (it comes with age)…if you decide to watch Bruce on the screen and find it  hard to see some action due to too much glare coming from the windows, call Roger at 508-520-6700 or send an email to asking for help. I will come to your rescue ASAP with some shades…

Needless to say I am never too busy to lend a hand to someone in need…