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It all started last summer while I was repairing a shade at one of the local Starbuck stores. The phone rang and the male caller asked “do you service residences too? I just saw one of your vans at Starbucks.”

The following week I went and met the lady of the house, she gave me a “tour” of the home and we discussed all the items on her wish list.  I sent a proposal the next day and ….nothing! Touched base again the following month and still no signs of civilization on the other side. 

Fast forward to early January this year – someone just walked in my studio: “Hi! I’m the guy that saw you at Starbucks a couple months ago…But the funny (or sad) thing was that he did not bring his wife. 

We discussed options and prices and then he said “do you have a brochure of your store? I want to give it to my wife on Valentine’s Day and tell her to come here so she can pick anything she wants.” Did I tell you how much I looove this guy?

So in case you don’t know what to give to your Valentine this week, I may be able to help you by creating some Romance with beautiful fabric Roman shades or an upholstered headboard for a cozy bedroom. Watch the video below for some very nice suggestions.

Fabric 'Romance' Shades
Fabric ‘Romance’ Shades

With all the options and styles I offer the credit card, I mean the sky is the limit and I will make sure that there is a little money left over for flowers and chocolates.

For a typical 36″ wide x 55″ tall window, a Roman shade will start at $267 each. For drapery side panels, they start at $ 247 (hardware excluded) and a upholstered fabric cornice starts at $231.

If you’d like to leave a comment or request, please use the comment box below. Now, please excuse me because I still need to install the new shades in my own bedroom…

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