Wonderful Installer

“As a custom window treatment specialist providing soft and hard window treatments to both commercial & residential clients throughout MA, I have always had access to a wonderful installer but recently found the need to find a replacement for him which I was not looking forward to. Until I contacted Roger, of course. His professionalism and detail-oriented installation of all the window coverings (which were difficult in their access & specialty shapes) was impeccable and completed in such a short time, I was elated as was my client. He is timely, responsive & dedicated to his field. I look forward to working with him again in the future and I would highly recommend his installation services to anyone regardless of their location or degree of difficulty. He is worth his weight in gold! Thank you, Roger!”

Client  Finishing Touches By Dianne (decorator)

Location  Spencer – MA – 01562

Project  Graber cellular shades for angled windows in sun room

Scope I  was hired to measure and install cellular window shades in this lake view sun room. The room had high ceilings (aprox 15 feet) and angled top windows. It was required the making of templates for fabrication of the specialty shapes. To make an even more complicated installation, the windows on the right side were over a stairway which required a multi positioning ladder to allow me to reach the far corners. The bottom rectangular windows are cordless which makes a perfect solution to make a clean view. Also because the large amount of glass, the heat buildup in the room made almost impossible to stay in the room after 10am before the new shades were installed. Now homeowners and their grandkids can enjoy a safe and comfortable room all day long (with a great view too)

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