Last month, I wrote about celebrating my 9 year anniversary in business…A few days later, I got a resignation letter from my 2006 Chevy Express van saying:

“Dear Roger, as you are celebrating another strong year in business, I know you are very pumped to achieve much more in the years to come…

Unfortunately, I am getting a little too old for that…As you know, with over 265,000 miles on my back, I have witnessed thousands of shady deals and blind dates with you. I really think you will need a younger partner to help you move forward.

Consider this my two weeks’ notice.

Looking forward to my early retirement….

Best Regards,

Your lovely van!”

Man, that was heartbreaking news, but the show must go on right? So, off I went to shop for a new van…

After visiting several dealerships and  experiencing hours of frustration dealing with untrained salespeople, (can you believe I knew MORE about the models they were selling – via online researching – than the sales team?!?) but I finally struck gold!


Thankfully via one of my network connections, I was introduced to Gerry Good III at Good Brothers Dodge in Weymouth. Gerry was very responsive and honest. If he did not know an answer, he would investigate and call me back shortly with a good response.

Fast forward 3 weeks, and I am ready to rock ’n roll baby! I now have a big Boxy van, very discreet signage and spacious (and organized) shelving! What more could I ask for?

If you want to see my new van in person (I know you are dying to see it!), just call or text me at 508.904.2108, or shoot me an email to schedule a time to meet.

And because VAN has 3 letters, here’s what I am going to do: during the month of July I will offer 30% OFF on every 3rd automated shade/blind you order (new orders only).

In the meantime, watch out for me rolling down the highway….


To my AWESOME bookkeeper, Stephanie Robl from Ten Key Inc. for giving me the green light on the investment!

To Cam Afonso from Signs by Cam for an awesome job lettering the van (Take a look at the roof pic!)

To Sean Morrissey from Vendetti Motors for (selflessly) introducing me to Gerry.

To Alex DeQuattro from Dejana Trucks for my awesome shelving, interior lighting and floor mat.

Finally, to Gerry and Jack at Good Brothers Dodge for the great service, and for helping me getting my new rig!


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