Put Bryan on the speed dial

After my last email mentioning the snow damages at my shop, a big storm took place. No, not a white one. Instead, a big storm of emails, phone calls and even choco brownies in the mail to express support and friendship. THANK YOU!!

Among those emails was one from Carlos Vargas, my client and owner of http://vargasinsurance.com extending any type of needed assistance and by the way, he was NOT my insurance agent. I explained to Carlos that I was having a really tough time getting my insurance company to agree on covering my losses. They originally denied 100% of it (image that) and it was then that Carlos told me to contact Bryan Holtzman from http://swerling.com/

Bryan is a public insurance adjuster and his job is to use his knowledge in the insurance industry to fight insurance companies against inadequate settlements for people like you and me. After explaining my situation to Bryan and providing a claim number and info requested, he spent about an hour on the phone with the insurance people and they agree to pay for my loss in full, which was waaaaay over $15,000 – something I was not able to do on my own even after weeks of emails and phone calls!

I am not an expert in snow damages but I can guarantee that you or someone you know has encountered property loss this winter. So please help yourself or someone you know by sharing Bryan’s information. For obvious reasons, insurance companies don’t like the general public to know that professionals like Bryan are available to help:

Bryan Holtzman
36 Washington Street – Suite 310 | Wellesley Hills | MA 02481
OFFICE: 781.416.1000 x 123 | TOLL FREE: 800.677.5454 |
FAX: 781.416.1004

And speaking of property damages, I forecast an extremely busy Spring season replacing window treatments due to the record snowfall here in Mass. My suggestion is that you get out of your chair and start making phone calls now to schedule a contractor (if you need a referral, let me know). Otherwise your project is not going to start until Summer or even Fall.

In the meantime, please save some money (between 7 and 10%) for new window shades at the end of your remodeling project. Trust me, those paper shades won’t look good with your new hardwood floor. For ideas & inspiration on your new window coverings click here