Ask Alexa

This year has not been a typical year: high 70’s temperatures in mid February, almost no snow on the ground and lots of work for this time of the year. To be more exact, we are about 87% higher in sales compared to the same period last year.

So, what’s going on then? In regards to the climate, I have no clue (maybe a little) but the focus of this newsletter is the window treatment business. Therefore, my theories to our extra volume are these:

Online Reviews – I have been collecting testimonials from happy clients since day one (twelve years ago). Today between all directories we have about 400 five star reviews and maybe 3 or 4 that are 4 stars. People feel confident that we are a reputable (shady) company and trust we are going to hold up our reputation, which we proudly do.

We Love What We Do – It sounds cliche, but I sincerely love meeting people and finding solutions for their glare, hard to reach, noise & privacy issues. I love when prospects say “the other company said it was not possible”. I am here to challenge that. My competitors even hire me for jobs that their own crews don’t want to do. Please try me!!

We Do Cool Stuff – Below are a couple of videos from two recent jobs. The first is a plantation shutter installation in front of a bathtub. The faucet was set higher than the window sill which prevented the shutters from swinging open. However, we provided a clever solution without disrupting the design element. The second video is about how technology can help you live a much cooler life in your own home. Don’t believe me? Ask Alexa then, or better yet, watch Alexa in action.

If you are thinking of moving or remodeling, think of me for your shades, blinds and shutters options. I am available at 508-520-6700 or via email

In the meantime, I am somewhere having a chat with Alexa…