How about Bitcoin?

Hello and “Happy New Year”… Well, not so new anymore I know.

Don’t you feel that the older we get, the faster things move? My mom always said that, and now I am starting to realize that she was right (as ALWAYS).

In my opinion, not only are things moving faster, but technology is improving very quickly too. Don’t you agree?

Let’s see:

*Paper map to GPS

*Landline to cell phone

*VHS to Netflix

*Going to the mall to Amazon

And now from paper money to plastic to Bitcoin trading with the help of bitcoin revolution

As someone who takes pride in their work, I try to stay ahead of the competition by studying and attending seminars on the latest trends for my industry.

Things like remote controlled shades, automation systems controlling lighting , HVAC and window treatments among other things.

But I also carry that mindset into my personal life too. And cryptocurrencies are one of the technologies that I believe are here to stay. I know you are still thinking it’s a bubble, but take a look at this cryptocurrency broker Canada residents use and tell me that it’s not going to just keep getting more and more popular. I guess nobody knows right now and only the future will tell us who’s right, but keeping up to date with websites like, who have articles such as ‘bitcoin loophole exposed‘, to educate and inform yourself is important and quite frankly sensible.

Do you know what else the future will tell? You can get some help if you read this blog, so that when we do things the right way, focusing on customer satisfaction, you are never wrong!

I’d like to share the feedback from a recent job done in Wrentham,MA. I have been to this client’s home several times now. She was one of my first clients back in 2007.

We kept in touch and once in while, we exchange emails and she also comments on my newsletters. So, she’s known me from “the beginning”.

So, when I read her comments (read it here), it made me think “uh! No matter how “techy” I try to promote my products, it always goes back to the roots of presenting what’s best for the client.”

Therefore, today’s newsletter is about telling you that I am here to solve your window treatments challenges whether is using manual or automated shades.

Need assistance with your next project? Call or text me via 508-904-2108.

If you prefer the “old school way”, simply email me here. (haha)

Oh, before I forget, I am now accepting Bitcoins as a form of payment too.