Christmas Message 2017

January 1 and I was in Brazil

Before you know it

It’s December again…

Time flies

It was a busy year here

Sold blinds and shutters

Installed shades and drapes

And we hung pictures also, my friend.

Roller shades

Plantation Shutters

Wood blinds

Custom made for you.

“Just a white”

There is no such thing

Want to know the truth?

There are over 50 shades of it

Cordless push it up

Cords lower it down

Amazon pushed the envelope

Alexa now is in charge

We do shades

We do blinds

We do shutters

We do windows too

We drove in town

We drove to Boston

We drove all over New England

And as far as New York City

Lots of new leads

Many became customers

Some became friends

Priceless moments

It was within reach

Need a 3 step stool

Grab the extension ladder

I even used a lift this year

I am here to stay

I’ve said that 12 years ago

Hope to repeat another 12

Me, you and your referrals.

Thanks so much for your support, business and friendship

Wishing a wonderful Holiday Season

And a very prosperous 2018

Merry Christmas!