Can You Believe We Moved (Blindly)?!

Yes, We Did It! Move cross-country that is …

Most of our friends are averse to surprises and in favor of a more steady and predictable life. And the ones that are considering a change, are approaching retirement. That wasn’t exactly the case for Ana and I…

Four months ago, we had ZERO, NADA…absolutely NO PLANS whatsoever to change our lives in Boston. Everything was working well and as planned. 

However, God had something in the works for us…

A friend of ours sadly passed away unexpectedly and way too young. 

In a split second, Ana and I decided that life is too short to postpone dreams until “the time is right”.

We put our condo on the market and sold it in 14 hours…We picked Tampa, Florida to live without ever visiting that city before….

We promoted our installer Kevin to GM to represent our 15 year old company and take care of our clients in Boston.

We announced one of our vehicles on Facebook and a colleague in Maryland bought it sight unseen just because he trusted our word about its condition.

We decided to replicate the same business model in Florida without knowing ONE SINGLE PERSON in the area to offer support if we needed.

Courage? Stupidity? Lack of common sense? Perhaps a bit of each.

The only certainty we had was our belief in “The Law Of Attraction”.  

When you really want something very strongly, your mind and your energy work together to materialize your wishes.

That is The Law Of Attraction!

Today, we are celebrating our first month living in sunny Florida. A VERY SPECIAL DAY that not many people allow themselves to celebrate because of fear…

Fear of it not working out. Fear of not liking it. Fear of losing money. Fear of rejection from family and friends. Fear of being “too old”. Fear of whatever it may be …

Obviously, not everything is as perfect as it seems. Adjustments are needed in terms of culture, weather, financials, health and business.

While I am utilizing the power of networking and the connections I’ve built over the last 18 years to open doors in Tampa, Kevin is maintaining a high level of client satisfaction in Boston.

My health has improved too. One of the main reasons to make a 180 degree change in plans was to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Well, I am very happy to report that I am religiously exercising every day. Even my (former) tight clothes are noticing the change.

If you’d like to tag along during my One Minute Walk, I post daily videos on FB, IG and YT.

Some of my friends called us crazy for such a move. We called it Blind Audacity.

In fact, that’s the name of this monthly blog that I will be sharing with you. I guess the name is very appropriate given the unknowns we are facing.

The only thing I do know for sure is this: trust your gut and allow the universe to open doors for you. Don’t let fear limit the best of you.. Go after your dreams and passions…Don’t wait until the “time is right”. 

I promise: You won’t regret it 🥇

See you next month!


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