A surreal experience

Normally, I use this space to share my installation wisdom with you. From tools to customer service and everything in between.

Today, however, I am going to share a different kind of experience.

Last Tuesday, March 8th, I received the 2022 BARRY M. PORTNOY IMMIGRANT ENTREPRENEUR AWARD – Outstanding Business Growth at the Royal Sonesta Boston offered by The Immigrant Learning Center of Malden – MA.

Something I would never have dreamed of when I landed here in the States 22 years ago. I simply wanted to work hard and pursue the American dream that everyone talked about.

From car washing, to delivering pizzas and driving trucks and eventually (as you know), installing window coverings. I learned of this industry and opportunity through my cousin during a cookout. That was the beginning of my first business, Shades In Place Inc. (watch video below)

Fifteen years later, the pandemic hit and I decided to open a second business: Trading Up Consulting, in hopes of sharing my hard knocks experiences with colleagues. 

So last Tuesday while being treated like a celebrity at the awards event, the last 22 years of my life flashed through my brain at an unbelievable speed. I even had colleagues come from all over the country to celebrate with me and my wife Ana. Something truly surreal and magical. Check the photos on Instagram and Facebook.

This event surely propelled me to do even more for our industry. I want to help my peers in all areas: installers, dealers, workrooms and designers.

In fact, I am going to start an Instagram Live every Saturday at 2pm (EST) to chat and answer questions from friends and colleagues. I hope to see you there!

No business attire, no clients watching. You are even allowed to have a drink (It’s Saturday afternoon, for God’s Sake…lol)

Thanks again for your unconditional support over the years and rest assured, that we still have a long way to go (together).



DISCUSSION: Have you done any work for celebrities? Do you have a story to share if you ever been treated like one?

FEEDBACK – How can we make this better? I am all ears here