The Next Newsletter …

Can you believe that we are just a couple months away from the end of the year?!

I understand and empathize that but for the vast majority 2020/2021 cannot end soon enough. I don’t think I need to further explain my statement. It has been at the very least, a wake-up year(s) in so many fronts (fill the blank.)

I live my life focused on the positive side of things and possibilities. I don’t stress over situations I cannot control. It sounds simple but it is not. It requires a lot of discipline not to let my guard down and allow myself to be sucked in to the drama and self-pity cycle. Especially when watching news and social media…OMG!

Coincidently or not, 2020 and 2021 have been the busiest years for Shades IN Place (thanks to staying at home and looking at your windows).

It was also the year that my other life as a writer and speaker for my industry took a turn up North.

Since all major trade events got cancelled, I received several requests to participate and share my experience via Zoom calls and webinars with industry leaders and colleagues.

It was definitely not planned on my end but it was a huge opportunity that I need to rise up to … and Trading Up Consulting was born September of 2019.

After pulling together an awesome team of professionals (I call them my Dream Team), my second business’ website went live soon after and my Trading Secrets Newsletter was launched consequently.

I have two major goals with this venture:

#1 – Elevate the quality of the current industry standards by offering education and sharing the secrets that got me over 500 – 5 start reviews from very satisfied clients like you.

#2 – Create awareness that installation of window treatments can be a very lucrative and rewarding career. For that, I need your help by promoting it to your friends, high-school kids and even to your unemployed family members.

2020(1) were a couple of trying years for sure but news of vaccines and boosters only renew the hope for a (much) better new year approaching.

Perhaps even better with a chance to start a new profession? I so hope so…