Did You Miss Me?

Roger Magalhaes
Shades IN Place Inc.
Owner & Blind Installer

My last newsletter was in December before going on vacation. And you might be wondering if I am still in Brazil since I haven’t been around much….But I guarantee that is completely the opposite…Check it out some of the projects I’ve been doing this year !!

Winter is typically the time of the year when I slowly come back to reality. Here’s how it works: after kids go back to school in August, parents start focusing on the inside of their homes and getting the house ready for the holidays. Therefore there are lots of consultations and installations until Christmas Eve. After that, I go to Brazil for a couple of weeks to recharge my batteries.

So, returning from a warm weather (December = summer in Brazil) to a cooler temperature in Boston (and snow) makes my body not wanting to move as fast…

This year however, I didn’t have much of a choice….Perhaps because the winter wasn’t as bad? Or maybe because our reputation for automated shades in the Boston area are increasing…The fact is that “I hit the ground running” this winter…

Check it out some of the jobs I’ve done recently and let me know how I can help you putting the power of a remote in your hands. You can either email me or send me a text to 508-904-2108. Either way I will get back to you after finishing the install….

The Battle: Shades vs. Sun

In this beautiful summer home in Bristol – RI with oversized windows, we installed battery powered Lutron shades. Watch in the video how the shades blocked the sun and protect the hardwood floors…

Phantom Shades!

What happens when there is no room above the window to install a shade? Well, we will find room for it….Watch what we did..

Holy Height!

This project was a team efforts between my colleague Angelo Karpetas from A&M Design in Wallingford, CT and myself…To be completely honest with you, I wasn’t super comfortable working 30 feet off the floor, but you gotta do what gotta do…. Here’s the final results.