I hope this message finds you and your families healthy and safe. We are beginning to see some positive reports, as the progression of COVID-19 reacts positively to our concerted effort at social distancing and all of the associated nuances.

This brings the possibility of the re-opening of the economy into our not too distant future. That is promising, but it is not going to be as fast as we all wish it to be.

Measured precautions (pun intended) and planning must be implemented in order for us to realize any sense of normalcy if we ever hope to have a resemblance of what we have known in our lives. Sadly that will take time and patience.

By now, after spending so much time inside and looking at those (insert your own adjective here) shades I assume that you are eager to see me and my smiley face 😊😀 once again.

While sheltering in place, I’ve made some calls. Here’s what I have accomplished: based on my sales, my relationships with my vendors, and my Brazilian accent (a.k.a persistence), I was able to negotiate some nice advantages for my awesome clients (Yeah, YOU).

It is no surprise that good quality window shades are expensive and sometimes people get a bit of initial sticker shock as they did not expect those prices. But they never call me later regretting their purchase.

Here’s what I am proposing; we can start the selection and quoting via email, phone calls and even transitioning to video-chat (Zoom or Facetime).

Once we agree on the project, we can work a budget and payment plan. At the point in which we receive a deposit of 50% or greater, the order will be submitted to production and your place in line will be locked-in.

Please share your thoughts and opinions with me, and if you desire to explore these options I am always available and smiling as I take your calls!

In the meantime, keep washing your hands and practicing social distancing. I would like to leave you with the following account from a good friend’s grandparent. This person lived through the previous century with what is most likely the closest example to what we are living through today. 

In 1918 a great nationwide flu epidemic struck more than half the people in Dickenson County Virginia. Due to this epidemic, Jane (my grandmother) witnessed the death of three daughters and one granddaughter in her home from a Monday until the following Saturday. One of the daughters who died was my mother Frankie. I was 18 months old when this happened and Jane raised me. She was the only mother I ever knew. My grandmother was Mama to me as long as she lived. Mama said she carried me on her hip, while she waited on the sick during the epidemic. Neither of us ever got sick. Those that were able hauled people to the cemetery. A man that helped bury my mother told me once that there were only 3 men and one woman able to be at my mother’s burial.

This account is from a generation that survived and went on to be what is referred to as America’s greatest generation. I can only hope that I can recount a similar survival tale to future generations myself. I sincerely hope that you and all of yours come through this with minimal scarring,