Driving Down Memory Lane

Hello friend and greetings from Bar Harbor, Maine!

You may or may not remember this, but before my life as a shady guy, I had another life as a truck driver. I was living in America for only two months and working in a car wash barely making $250 a week. I was not too happy about it and wanted a change.

Back then (September of 2000), they had a thing called a “newspaper” and while I was looking for potential jobs with better paying opportunities to fulfill my dreams, truck drivers were the most sought out positions. It was my a-ha moment.

To me, it made perfect sense: I am not that smart, but I figured that I could travel across the country for “free” and even make some money while doing so. I quickly asked myself “why not”?

I got my CDL license and off I went to discover beautiful America. It was definitely a great experience. This country’s landscape is just amazing, the regional cultures are unique and the accents and ways that people talk in different parts of the nation are very distinct – in many cases, funny!

Perhaps not as funny for a rookie Brazilian immigrant (me) that could not carry a conversation in English for more than two minutes (if I was stretching hard). Also, not as funny to stop every ten minutes to check on this thing called a “paper map”. Thank God for technology, GPS and Google translator right?

Fast forward twenty years, this week I drove six hours to Bar Harbor, ME for a project. I brought my wife along to make a long weekend. Driving on the highway for hours and watching the landscape and color changing leaves brought me back to Memory Lane…Good times!

Back to reality: On Friday, I spent about five hours measuring a house for drapes and Roman shades with my colleague and workroom fabricator Julie Thome from Reading, CT. The funny thing is that I have been working with Julie on different projects for years but never had a chance to meet her in person until this week.

This summer home sits on a cliff with a spectacular view. The installation is scheduled for May 2021.

Out of this whole experience, I was just contemplating how much our lives have changed over the years: mobile phone, GPS, virtual meetings.

It will be interesting to see what my next twenty years will look like.

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Now, please excuse me because I have a very important old fashion meeting awaiting called having breakfast with the wife before she gets angry!

Have a great day!