It’s almost over! 11/08/2020

Hello dear friend!

I don’t know about you, but I am glad that the election is almost over so we can get back to discuss more important issues in our daily lives. But first, I need to get this message off my chest and hope you don’t get upset…

I get it, you hated him 4 years ago and you still hate him now. Hell, I can’t even stand the guy myself. I’ve seen a lot of hate thrown his way, but this guy is a consistent winner and an overachiever.

Call it jealously, call it envy, some people just can’t handle how successful he is and how much money he has. Could even be jealous that he’s got a hot foreign model as his wife. That’s what the people who support him love about him.

Yes, there have been some scandals, yes there have been some lies, and maybe a few times he’s twisted the truth to make himself look better.

But he’s out there everyday proving those haters wrong time after time. You may not have wanted him in this role, but he’s there now and there is nothing you or I can do about it.

I know it’s possible to get worse over the next several days, but like him or not, Tom Brady is turning things around in Tampa Bay ??

I hope you had as good a laugh out of this as I did. Send me your comments here.

Now, back to our regular news…Have a great day!